Review: American Admirals Club New York (JFK) (2023)

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American Airlines has recently hugely invested in its lounges at JFK Terminal 8, coinciding with British Airways moving to the terminal. I’ve reviewed the Greenwich Lounge, Soho Lounge, and Chelsea Lounge, which are the three premium lounges in the terminal. All three lounges are fantastic.

In this installment I wanted to review the American Admirals Club in JFK Terminal 8. Unfortunately this offers a very different experience than you’ll get at one of the three specialty lounges. This lounge is outdated, doesn’t have an ideal location, and has the typical Admirals Club fare.

So while I’m not a fan of this lounge, I also understand the circumstances that led to this. American closed its other Admirals Club in the terminal in order to expand the Greenwich Lounge. Here’s to hoping that this lounge is renovated soon in line with the new style American Admirals Clubs, as we’ve seen at Washington National Airport (DCA).

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Admirals Club New York JFK location

The American Admirals Club JFK is located in Terminal 8 Concourse C, near gate 42. Once you clear security, just keep walking straight, underneath the signage for American’s other lounges in the terminal.

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Eventually you’ll see signage leading to gates 31-47, which requires taking the escalator or elevator down a level to the underground walkway.

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Once you ascend on the other side, you’ll find yourself in Concourse C. Before you get to any gates, you’ll see the entrance to the Admirals Club on the left.

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The above entrance only has a staircase, so if you’d prefer to use an elevator to access the lounge, that’s located right across the hall. The lounge is one level above the main concourse, on the third floor.

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The lounge location won’t be ideal for many travelers. If you’re not departing from gates 31-47, you’ll have to go back to your gate via the underground walkway, so it’s quite a detour.

Admirals Club New York JFK hours

The American Admirals Club JFK is currently open daily from 4:30AM until 11PM, covering a vast majority of departures from the terminal.

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Admirals Club New York JFK entry requirements

There are a variety of ways to access American Admirals Clubs, ranging from buying an Admirals Club membership, to having elite status and being on an eligible itinerary.

Personally I access Admirals Clubs using theCiti® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite Mastercard®(review), which is one of my all aroundfavorite airline credit cards. The card has a $450 annual fee, and offers an Admirals Club membership for the primary cardmember.

In and of itself that represents cost savings compared to a membership, as the cheapest cost for an Admirals Club membership is usually $550 per year. Butit gets better than that. Those with the card can add up to 10 authorized users, and each of those authorized users receives Admirals Club access when flying American or an eligible partner airline the same day for them and two guests or immediate family (they don’t have to be flying with the primary cardmember).

Note that if you’re traveling internationally in a premium cabin or with elite status, you’ll probably have access to one of the better lounges in the terminal, so I’d absolutely go out of my way to use them.

See my guide to American Admirals Club access.

Admirals Club New York JFK seating & layout

The Admirals Club JFK isn’t about to win any design awards, to put it mildly. The lounge clearly received new furniture in the past few years, but the rest of the lounge design will transport you back to the 90s. There’s also not much coordination between the new furniture and the old design, so it feels really mismatched. And those ceiling “tiles” ain’t pretty either.

Anyway, on to the lounge’s layout…

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When you enter the lounge, there are rows of seats facing one another to the left, and then the bar area to the right. The bar area has cafe-style tables, as well as some high-top seating at the bar counter.

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Once you go down that first hall, you’l find yourself in the main part of the lounge, which has red and gray chairs arranged in rows, as well as a handful of cafe tables and some communal high-top workstations. The lounge has floor-to-ceiling windows, which offer great views of the apron.

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Then closer to the entrance of the lounge but on the other side are two TV rooms, separated by a glass partition.

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Lastly, the lounge has a small play area for kids. Even this is totally no frills.

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It’s not a big lounge at all, but then again, (hopefully) a vast majority of passengers have access to American’s more premium lounges, especially with JFK being a major international gateway.

Admirals Club New York JFK food & drinks

American isn’t exactly known for its great Admirals Club catering, and this lounge is no exception. The self-serve buffet is located just past the bar area.

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I was there during breakfast, and options included hardboiled eggs, yogurt, fresh fruit (both whole fruit and fruit salad), cereal, muffins, bagels, oatmeal, and scrambled eggs (with accompaniments like cheese, bacon, tortillas, and pico de gallo).

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To drink, there was tea, an espresso machine, La Colombo drip coffee, orange juice, and water. Other soft drinks are available from one of the bartenders.

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There’s also a kitchen area of sorts across from the buffet, though there’s not anything there most of the time. Sometimes the avocado toast bar is opened, but that wasn’t the case during my visit.

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Admirals Clubs offer complimentary house beer and wine, as well as basic liquor. Meanwhile premium drinks, as well as more substantial food, are available for purchase. You can find the menu for those options below.

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While American has made some mild improvements to its lounge catering in recent years, think this is an area where there’s lots of room for improvement.

Admirals Club New York JFK bathrooms & showers

The Admirals Club JFK bathrooms are located past the bar area and to the left. The men’s room has three sinks, two urinals, and three stalls, so it’s not exactly a huge bathroom situation.

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There are also some shower suites in the Admirals Club, though I didn’t have a chance to check them out. I’ve used them before, though, and they’re fine, though not as modern as the showers in the other clubs. At least American makes an effort to have showers in its membership lounges, unlike some other airlines.

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Bottom line

While American has done an amazing job elevating its lounge offerings at JFK, the Admirals Club Terminal 8 is the exception. The lounge is on the small side, has an outdated design, and has a fairly disappointing selection of food and drinks.

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This is such a contrast from the Greenwich, Soho, and Chelsea Lounges, which are all phenomenal. Hopefully American gets around to renovating this lounge. Then again, that will mean that there won’t be an Admirals Club at JFK for some amount of time.

What do you make of the Admirals Club JFK?


Are Admirals Club lounges worth it? ›

While Admirals Clubs offer plenty of great facilities to make flying more relaxing and refreshing, Flagship Lounges are also a great way to experience flying. Flagship Lounges offer many of the benefits of Admiral Clubs plus a few extras, including: Premium wine. Specialty cocktails.

What is the nicest lounge at JFK? ›

This class of lounge is the airline's best. The American Airlines Flagship Lounge in JFK Terminal 8 offers a hot and cold buffet, a wide range of wine, Champagne, beer and spirits, work and relaxation areas, and showers. The lounge faces the gate area with planes waiting for their passengers.

Does Priority Pass get you into American Airlines Admirals Club? ›

Does Priority Pass work for Admirals Club? Sadly, no. Admirals Club is reserved for select American Airlines elites, qualifying Oneworld elites, qualifying military personnel, holders of the Citi®/AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard®, and a few other groups. Priority Pass isn't included.

Does Admirals Club JFK have showers? ›

You can enjoy food and snacks, freshen up with a shower, get to work with WiFi, workstations, and hotspot printing, let the kids play in the children's room, or simply relax in the lounge. To enter, use your Admirals Club membership or pay at the door when space is available–as long as you're flying American Airlines.

Are drinks complimentary in admirals lounge? ›

Admirals Club lounges provide complimentary beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), light snacks, and Wi-Fi access.

Do you tip at Admirals Club? ›

Tipping in airport lounges is never expected

In other words, it's not like dining in a restaurant in the United States, where you're a jerk if you (knowingly) don't tip, as servers aren't even being paid minimum wage before tips.

What is the difference between American Airlines Admirals Club and Flagship lounge? ›

Admirals Club guests can pay extra for premium drinks and meals. Meanwhile, Flagship Lounges offer a wide range of complimentary self-serve alcohol, a buffet of complimentary meals and shower suites in all locations.

Is Admirals Club free with first class? ›

Complimentary access

Complimentary Admirals Club access is available to business and first-class passengers traveling on any international route (including flights to Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico, which previously were excluded), premium transcontinental routes and select Hawaii flights.

Who can use Flagship lounge JFK? ›

Customers who may access a Flagship® Lounge include customers traveling in a First or Business class cabin on qualifying international or transcontinental flights or other qualifying domestic flights marketed and operated by American, a oneworld® airline, or marketed by JetBlue and operated by American*, AAdvantage ...

How to get free access to Admirals Club? ›

If you're flying in first or business class on select international, transcontinental or other domestic flights marketed and operated by American, its Oneworld airline partners or marketed by JetBlue and operated by American, you'll get complimentary Admirals Club access.

How do I get complimentary Admirals Club access? ›

How to get into an American Airlines Admirals Clubs
  1. Buy an Admirals Club Day Pass. ...
  2. Sign up for a credit card that provides Admirals Club access. ...
  3. Purchase an Admirals Club membership. ...
  4. Fly on a first class or business class ticket. ...
  5. Earn AAdvantage elite status. ...
  6. Use your military benefits.
Apr 6, 2023

What status do you need for American Admirals Club? ›

You can access the Admirals Club® lounge based on membership, class of service or AAdvantage® status.

What alcohol is free in Admirals Club? ›

1, American Airlines is offering travelers another benefit of membership in its Admirals Club(R)lounges. American will offer alcoholic beverages, including wine, beer and spirits, free of charge to customers visiting any of its domestic clubs, in addition to complimentary coffee, tea, soft drinks and juices.

Can you take food out of the Admirals Club? ›

Complimentary food, alcoholic beverages and periodicals provided by Admirals Club are for consumption and use inside the Admirals Club only and may not be removed. Airport luggage carts are not permitted inside Admirals Club lounges.

What terminal is the Admirals Club at JFK? ›

Admirals Club, Terminal 8, Concourse C

Daily: 4:30 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Are mimosas free at Admirals Club? ›

Yes, select food and beverage items are complimentary at the Admirals Club.

What to expect at Admirals Club? ›

The American Airlines Admirals Club is a place to relax and recharge before a flight on American Airlines or its partners. Inside the lounge, you can expect complimentary refreshments, free Wi-Fi and a place to sit away from the hustle and bustle of the airport terminal.

Can you nap in an airport lounge? ›

Many of the best Priority Pass lounges in the world are open 24/7, which makes catching a cat nap (or more) very easy. Keep in mind that some lounges frown upon people sleeping there, and many also have time limits on how long you can stay, so factor this into consideration when planning out your night.

Do Admirals Club members get priority boarding? ›

The card for premium AAdvantage flyers: Enjoy Admirals Club® Membership, priority check-in, early boarding and statement credits for Global Entry and TSA PreCheck.

Can I go to Admirals Club after landing? ›

If you hold Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro or Platinum elite status in the AAdvantage loyalty program, you and a guest can enter an Admirals Club on departure or arrival of qualifying international flights operated by American Airlines or a Oneworld partner.

How many points do you need to join the Admirals Club? ›

Annual rates (miles)
Membership typeAAdvantage®AAdvantage Platinum®
Individual – new65,00060,000
Individual – renew60,00055,000
Household – new125,000120,000
Household – renew120,000115,000

How long can you stay in the Admirals lounge? ›

$50 day pass valid for one day. If you are traveling through multiple cities with lounges, you may use the same day pass to access more than one lounge that day (if traveling overnight, pass is also valid at the first point of arrival the following day).

Is Delta Sky Club better than Admirals Club? ›

The new Delta Sky Club LAX opened in early 2022. While I hate putting a lounge on the list I haven't personally visited, I think this must be one of the nicest membership lounges in the United States. In general Delta Sky Clubs are better than American Admirals Clubs and United Clubs.

Is admirals club better than centurion lounge? ›

If you're basing your decision on amenities primarily, the Centurion Network is usually better. However, Admirals Lounges tend to be less crowded and are less likely to have a waitlist.

Can Amex Platinum use Admirals Club? ›

Editorial and user-generated content is not provided, reviewed or endorsed by any company. No, the American Express Platinum card does not offer an Admirals Club membership anymore. The card currently offers complimentary access to several other airport lounges through its Global Lounge Collection.

What do you get for free in first class on American Airlines? ›

American Airlines first class includes free drinks, priority check-in, extra checked baggage allowance, and a seat in the front cabin of the aircraft. That's about all you get in domestic first class.

Can I get into American Airlines lounge with Amex Platinum? ›

To access American Express Lounges, the Platinum Card Member must present the agent with the following upon each visit: his or her valid Card and upon request, same-day airline ticket on any carrier and a government-issued I.D.

Can I pay for lounge access at JFK? ›

If you are an economy class traveller at New York City JFK Airport, you can access the following airport lounges as long as you are willing to purchase a day pass, annual membership or pay at the door.

Is Flagship Lounge food free? ›

First class starts on the ground

Enjoy our complimentary First-class dining experience available inside select Flagship® Lounges, leaving more time to relax in flight.

Does JFK have an AA flagship lounge? ›

The Flagship Lounge at JFK is open from 4 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. daily. There are 4 groups of travelers with access to American Airlines Flagship Lounges.

What cards get me into the Admirals Club? ›

What credit card gets me into the Admirals Club lounge? The only credit card that offers access to the Admirals Club lounge is the AAdvantage Executive World Elite card.

Can I use the Admirals Club if I'm not flying American? ›

If you're a oneworld Sapphire or Emerald member who earns status through a program other than American AAdvantage or Alaska Mileage Plan, you can access Admirals Clubs whenever you're flying oneworld same day, even if you're not traveling internationally.

What are the full Admirals Club membership privileges? ›

Admirals Club benefits

Complimentary morning and afternoon snacks. Full meals and premium drinks for sale (at select locations) Freshly-brewed La Colombe coffee. Barista-style espresso and lattes (at select locations)

Does Chase Sapphire get you into Admirals Club? ›

No, Chase Sapphire Reserve does not offer an Admirals Club membership. Chase Sapphire Reserve gives cardholders complimentary airport lounge access through Priority Pass Select, which features over 1,300 lounges worldwide once they enroll, none of which are Admirals Clubs.

How do you get into the Flagship lounge? ›

Flagship® Lounge locations (based on lounge capacity). Available for $150 or 15,000 AAdvantage® miles per person and may be purchased at open Flagship® Lounge locations. Must be at least 21 to purchase. A Single Visit Pass is valid for same-day, one-time use at the Flagship® Lounge in which it was purchased.

Are there showers in the Admirals Club? ›

With three locations, you're rarely far from a comfortable place to relax. Amenities vary, but you can expect snacks and drinks, WiFi, workstations, hotspot printing, and comfortable seating. The Admirals Clubs in Terminals 4 and 5 also have showers!

What is the password for the Admirals Club? ›

Log in with your personal 4-digit Member Number, or for a spouse it will be the 4-digit Member Number plus the letter “A”. Your password by default is your last name, all lowercase.

Is the Admiral Club worth it? ›

If you're only flying 4–5 times a year, it may not be worth it. Your cost would be about $50 per flight, so you might be as well off purchasing a daily pass for $50 than getting an annual membership.

Which lounges at JFK have showers? ›

Shower facilities are available inside the following pay-to-use lounges: the Air France Lounge, the KAL Business Class Lounge, and the Swiss Business Class Lounge (currently closed for renovations). See our New York JFK Airport Guide for locations and entry details.

Is Admirals Club better than centurion lounge? ›

If you're basing your decision on amenities primarily, the Centurion Network is usually better. However, Admirals Lounges tend to be less crowded and are less likely to have a waitlist.

Can Amex members access Admirals Club? ›

You can also get free or discounted Admirals Club access with a number of American Express cards that offer airline fee credits. If American Airlines is selected as your preferred airline, then the purchase of an Admirals Club membership or day pass will qualify for the credit.

Does first class get me into Admirals Club? ›

While standard domestic first-class tickets won't get you access to Admirals Clubs, the following types of tickets will: Business- and first-class tickets on international American- or Oneworld-operated flights. Domestic Flagship-ticketed flights.

Which lounge is better flagship or admiral? ›

Admirals Club guests can pay extra for premium drinks and meals. Meanwhile, Flagship Lounges offer a wide range of complimentary self-serve alcohol, a buffet of complimentary meals and shower suites in all locations.

How many guests do you get for Admirals Club? ›

Guest access

Immediate family (spouse, domestic partner and/or children under 18) or up to 2 guests. Guests must be accompanied by the eligible member and present boarding pass for same-day travel on American or any oneworld® airline.

Can you shower in an Admirals Club? ›

American Airlines offers access to to over 50 Admirals Club lounges and nearly 60 partner lounges worldwide through their Admirals Club membership program. Lounge features and amenities are generally quite standard, and include complimentary beverages and snacks, Wi-Fi, work stations and showers in select locations.


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